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Scott & Charlene’s Wedding (Fire Records)

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding’s Craig Dermody is the voice of a generation, it just so happens to be a generation mired in dead end jobs while smiling into the sunshine as they wonder when someone is going to show up and call the cops on the party again.

Returning to Melbourne after a year of touring, with stints in New York and London and a quick trip around the world, Dermody’s writing reflects a new found weariness to wrap around his usual heart-on-sleeve lyrics and tales of everyday life. Never at a loss for a jangly riff or a humorous and poignant tale, Dermody doesn’t mature so much as he marvels at his inability to mature.

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding can be traced back to a party in the mid-2000s, at the time Dermody performed in other bands, Spider Vomit and Divorced, and was making a name for himself in Melbourne’s underground art scene. Eventually, he began spending more time on the band (which takes its name from his mother’s favourite soap opera) and released debut album ‘Para Vista Social Club’ in a limited edition of 200 hand-painted LPs via Untapped Resources in 2010 which was later reissued on Critical Heights and Bedroom Suck. After moving to New York, Dermody established Scott & Charlene’s Wedding as a fully-fledged band and released ‘Any Port In A Storm’ in 2013 on Fire Records and Bedroom Suck. In June 2016 they return with new EP ‘Delivered’ and will follow with their third album ‘Mid-Thirties Single Scene’ in September.


Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar / Fri 11th Nov 2016 /
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