Dictionary Pudding


Dictionary Pudding deliver live music as both a regional promoter and international booking agent; promoting live music in Brighton, Bristol, London and other spots. The majority of our gigs happen in our native Brighton, but we regularly promote in other cities too.

Our shows are carefully planned to ensure safe, accessible shows with all aspects of the evening carefully co-ordinated to complement and energise each other.

Dictionary Pudding also act as booking agent for a variety of carefully-picked artists in the UK and Europe.

We are very proud of our past and present acts, each and every one has helped us on our way, have a look around the website and check out what we do.

Ultimately, careful curation lies at the heart of what Dictionary Pudding do. We aim to support and promote acts whose output can be said to equal more than the sum of their parts.

Dictionary Pudding would not exist without the artists we work with or our audiences and to both we are eternally grateful.